Is it pronounced krape or krep? Do you really care?

I’m not sure I do. However you say it, they were absolutely wonderful!

You know how you always promise people you befriend at work or in school that you’ll keep in touch when you part ways? You know how it hardly ever happens? I am so happy to say that is not the case with my Baking and Pastry Art ladies. We have been meeting at my house once a month since our classes practical classes ended last August and concocting all sorts of deliciousness. Despite our trepidation due to our crepe experience in class, today’s session was no exception! We learned so much in our practical classes but sharing equipment with the culinary classes rarely worked to our advantage!

We alway start off with lunch and Sheri brought the tastiest beef vegetable soup I have ever eaten! I made Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Crepes to go with it. I was intrigued by the idea of using chicken stock in the crepe batter, but it did not disappoint. I even got a little crazy and started flipping my crepes in the pan instead of using a spatula or tongs. Watch out! I’m out of control! The tomato sauce that accompanied had a little too much heat at first, but I added more sugar and tomato paste and it turned out great. I should have taken a picture of these babies plated, but by the time I thought of it they were already in my tummy. You’ll have to settle for a picture of them straight out of the oven.

Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Crepes

We ate our lunch while allowing the batter for our dessert crepes to sit. They were well worth the wait! Sheri busted out her official crepe pan for its inaugural use and she, Kim and Jen went to town cranking them out. Our first dessert featured peanut butter’s cool cousin, Nutella. If you haven’t tried it, go to the store right this minute and buy some. You can thank me later. While the recipe called for sliced bananas, we decided to kick them up a notch and caramelize them with some brown sugar. All I can say is, ‘good call.’ The texture of the bananas became soft and almost creamy. Mmmm.

Our second dessert used the same crepes and included homemade espresso ice cream, a decadent chocolate sauce with a touch of amaretto (why not?) and topped with crushed chocolate covered espresso beans. O.M.G. Please don’t ask me to pick which one I liked the best. It’s just not possible. Here’s a picture of our desserts. I did remember to take plated pictures of these ones…after one bite each.


I’m still full of great crepes and great memories of a day with my friends. I’m so looking forward to our next get-together when we tackle some Easter treats – peanut butter eggs and homemade marshmallow Peeps just to name a few!

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